U. of Kentucky isn't the only good basketball school in Lexington, there's Transylvania too, and its man - no, no, not Dracula - Lee Rose - has risen once more to show how well he learned, and can impart, the lessons of old T.U. (enrollment 850) to the biggies of the college game.

You think this is an overly punny way to relate that Rose is moving on up after three banner years at UNC Charlotte to coach at Purdue on a four-year contract at $38,000 per? Then, consider in all seriousness - really - U. of K. officiadom has just officially named its new basketball dormitory for Coach Joe Hall. Yeah the Joe B. Hall Ha!!.

When you're No. 1 you can do such things - even if you can't sell the Southeastern Conference on holding its new postseason tournament next year in your 23,000-seat Rupp Arena, they reckon you've got enough advantage and vote for neutral Birmingham Civic Arena. When you're not No. 1 but think you should be, like Purdue, you latch onto the likes of Rose to try to get you there.

Rose (Transylvania '58) almost got upstart Charlotte there right off the bat - NIT runner-up his first year, NCAA semifinalist only one basket shy of beating eventual champ Marquette his second year, 21-7 but uninvited this year. Now he goes Big Ten - and UNCC, which Rose put on the major college map, turns to his assistant as his successor.

Another Transylvanian, like Rose, who sharpened his coaching skills as a 181-game winner in nine years at alma mater? No - a former outstanding bigtime player: Mike Pratt, U. of Kentucky '70! . . .