Jack Pardee said he would go into training camp with "no preconceived notion" on a starting quarterback, and that Joe Theismann probably will get msot of the playing time in the four preseason games.

"I haven't really thought about who's No. 1," Pardee said. "Obviously Billy's had a lot more experience than Joe, but I don't think there's any need to have a first or second string in April.

"Because Joe hasn't had much experience, he'll probably play more in the preseason. Kilmer has demonstrated its more inportant to go into the regular season healthy. I don't want to get him nicked up for nothing. He'll get work, but I want him healthy."

Pardee also emphasized again that Kilmer will be with the Washington Redskins next season. "There has been serious trade talk about him with anyone, and we certainly haven't approached anyone," he said.

In the course of a recent 45 minute interview at Redskin Park, Pardee also indicated.

Defensive signal caller Chris Hanburger has decided to play another year after missing most of 1977 with a knee injury.

Veteran linebacker Mike Curtis will start training camp as an outside line backer, but will be given time in the middle, his position as an all-pro in the early 1970s with the Baltimore Colts.

The three-linemen, four-linecacker 34 defense will be included in the playbook. "It won't be our primary defense," he said, "but we'll have it." He also is comtemplating working defensive end Dallas Hickman at out-side linebacker for use in the 34 defense, "the way Oakland used the Stork (Ted Hendricks).

Pardee said he would like to improve the Redskins' position in the draft (they now have their first pick in the eight round), "but if you're talking about (trading for a) first-round draft choice, that's going to be impossible."

"No, I don't think anyone on our team is untouchable as far as trades go, but I aslo think they're a lot more valuable to us than anyone elso. If we did trade a starter, it would have a fill that void and improve us somewhere else. And we don't have depth to give up a starter."

Pardee and General Manager Bobby Beathard also hope to improve the depth at quarterback (they will carry three this season), concerback and wide receiver.

Beathard has been on the road for most of his two months as general manager. He has started making contact with the 18 players entering the option year on their contracts.

Among those 18 are a half-dozen starters: Kilmer, defensive end Ron McDole, defensive tackles Dave Butz and Diron Talbert, guard Ron Saul, running back Mike Thomas, Pro Bowl return man Eddie Brown and kickers Mike Bragg and Mark Mosely.

Other potential option-playouts after the 1978 season are Hickman, defensive ends Karl Lorch and Curtis Akins, offensive linemen Keith Eck and Dan Nugent, linebacker Stu O'Dell and running backs Calvin Hill and Clarence Harmon.

Beathard has had contract discussions with linebackers Ptete Wysocki and Curtis and defensive lineman Bill Brudige and Will Wynn. All played out their options in 1977 and are free to negotiate with other clubs until April 15.

If they do not receive offers from other clubs, they remain the property of the Redskins. If they do receive an offer, the Redskins have the right to match it and retain the players.

None of the four have had offers from other NFL teams.

"I don't anticipate any problems with the option playouts," Beathard said. "I'd also like to get as many of those other 18 signed before we go to training camp. We probably will go into camp still taking to a few players."

Beathard has reviewed contracts of all the Redskins and he said "They're realistic in some areas and in some areas they may be somewhat out of line. But there's nothing in them that I didn't expect.

"There's not a team in the league that doesn't have some inequities. But I anticipate no problems in getting together with these guys."

Pardee has scheduled a three-day minicamp for recently signed free agents and the 14 players on the injured reserve list last season.

He will have another workout for all veterans in mid-May and has decided to hold a rookie camp the week before the veterans are to report for training camp in mid-July. Pardee said he expected to have 100 players on the roster by the time camp begins, but "we'll never have more than 75 or 80 in camp at one time."