Word has arrived from the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, a museum complex being developed in Hayword, Wis., that it is well into building a 140-foot-long, four-story anglers shrine in the shape of a giant muskellunge.

The quarter-million-dollar fish will be a "walk-through building housing artifacts of angling and enshrinements of those who have contributed outstanding achievements or accomplishments to the industry in the realm of freshwater angling, science . . ."

Just stay away from the teeth.

More chuckles. Dave Heberle, outdoor writer for the Erie (Pa.) Times Harold, tried an April Fool joke on his readers and he had the last laugh 'cause no one else laughed at all.

He announced that monofilament line had been banned in Pennsylvania after a Dr. Ayper Ilfu found it caused cancer in brook trout.

His sleepy editors missed the joke and wrote this headline: "Monfilament Line Banned." The readers thought it was hilarious. Sure. They all raced out to their tackle stores and battled line. "I'll tell you, it was brutal," a shop owner told the Associated Press. "People just panicked."

Heberle, who was getting $15 apiece for his columns, has been discharged. "I thought people would get it," he said.

Now to the real news.

Pennsylvania will close its bear season for the second straight year this fall to conserve the dwindling black bear population. Also, sizable reductions are planned in the number of antlerless deer licenses after the hard winter, and the quail season will be reduced to two weeks.

The National Capital Chapter of Trout Unlimited will have Charles Meck, author of "Meeting and Fishing the Hatches," as speaker at the regular monthly meeting at 8 p.m. April 25 in the Wildlife Federation Building on 16th Street NW.

The Potomac Patuxent Chapter of Trout Unlimited meets at 7:30 p.m. April 28 at Villa Ridge in Gaithersburg. The program will be on Maryland trout fishing. Call 949-8281 or 340-0145 for details.

The National Capital Casting Club opens for its 46th straight season April 23 (Sunday) at 10 a.m. at the club's casting pool on the Annandale campus of Northern Virginia Community College. The public is invited.

"We are casters who are skilled in fly, spin and bait casting," said president Ken Kramer. "We will be on hand every Sunday morning until October, casting on water and helping anyone who wants to improve his skill and fishing success."

Annual membership due are $3, as they have been since 1933.