Daves Friend, winner of his debut at Pimlico by 12 lengths, takes his second shot at the money in today's fifth race at Pimlico. The son of Friend's Choice acts like he may be a good one for later stakes.

Turf racing is still popular with the fans. Betting is usually up for those contests and it appears the grass brings horses together. When the current turf form takes shape, a player has a chance to cash some nice-priced winner.

The heavy swishing of a horse's tail is regarded by many railbirds and race-followers as a sign of fatigue or disire to quit. It has been the experience here that the swishing of a tail is a much more postive sign. It appears that the swishing indicates a desire to compete, as if the animal is saying, "Let's go". Debby's Turn, winner of Tuesday's eighth race, is a notorious tail-swisher.

Jockey Mike Miceli has very quietly built up a following by virtue of his clever and aggresive riding. The New Jersey reinsman is schedule to return to the Garden State May 11 as some local trainers won't give him a chance. However, his presence on any horse is always worth noting.