Despite protests from the five other riders, Sarah Vorhies was declared winner of the ladies' timber race at the Fairfax Hunt point-to-point meeting at Belmont Plantation yesterday.

Vorhies was the only rider who took her horse over the full 18 jumps and three miles of the Belmont course. She was riding Robb's Whey.

The other five riders, including Patty Cassell, who clinched a second straight Virginia Riding Championship even though she failed to add to her 21-point total, stormed the judges stand. They argued that they had been told that the race was "three turns of the course and 13 jumps."

However, their protests failed. The stewards disqualified them for "going off course."

Another easy winner was Kelly's Hero. As the lone entry he was declared "walkover" winner of the Ricacho Cup. The decision eliminated any chance that Gus Forbush's Chandler or Roy Graham's Boca Bird could overtake Mike DuPont's Estremadura in the remaining two races for the seven Corners Challenge Trophy.

Randy Rouse a nine-time winner of the trophy, including each of the last four years, made a token appearance in a flat race on Blockader. But he went off course and pulled up. Earlier Rouse's Saramyst, ridden by Jennifer Youngman, was the apparent winner of a ladies flat race, but was disqualified for cutting a beacon.