His team had raised its record to 4-0 in a soccer game as exciting as any seen at RFK Stadium in recent years but Washington Diplomats Coach Gordon Bradley was not happy.

First, he said his team should have "won easily," in regulation time. Then he blasted the officiating. Finally he turned his venom on the Washington populace.

"People can get in here for $2 or $3 and at that kind of price with this kind of show I don't know why we don't have at least 50,000 people in the stands for a game like this," he said shaking his head vigorously.

"Really, I don't know what is going on in Washington. I guess all of us must be messed up because this is our team and we should have more people in the stands.

"What it comes down to is getting your money's worth. At these prices and with this team, people are getting more than good value for their money. It's not just that we're winning, it's that we're playing entertaining soccer. I mean I would hope that the 13,000 here today would come back even if we had lost.

The Dips have drawn slightly more than 32,000 fans for their three Sunday afternoon home games. The last two weeks they have been competing with the basketball playoffs.

Apparently Bradley didn't see that as an excuse. His former team, the Cosmos, tied with the Dips for first place in the National Conference East, drew 51,000 fans on a day the Knicks and Yankees were playing at home.

"Certainly I'm frustrated," Bradley said in answer to a question. "It isn't my job to put people in the stands, it's my job to produce a team that wins and plays entertaining soccer. Thats all I can do.

"But the people of Washington better wake up soon because this is their team and if they want ti to stay here and remain their team they better come out. I would think they would want to come out and see this team.

"Washington is supposed to be the sports town so I don't know why the fans aren't coming out. I can't figure out what else people are doing around here on a Sunday afernoon. I really can't figure it out."