Area horseplayers will be heartened to learn that one of their colleagues, a player of persistence named Ahmed, has won a photo finish over the Internal Revenue people.

Ahmed, who lives only four blocks from Hazel Park Raceway in Michigan, is quoted in the Wall Street Journal as earning only $6,000 a year in an auto plant. Last year, he reported $12,000 in track winnings but claimed he lost that much and more. He had the losing tickets to prove it, he said.

The government contended that some of the tickets were out of sequence and that someone else could have bought them.

The odds were against Ahmed since the court had previously stated its skepticism even about clean, seqentially numbered tickets. However, the Judge said Ahmed's testimony had the ring of truth and "was credible for the most part."

Ahmed was allowed to claim $8,000 in losses.

Laurel President John D. Shapiro announced yesterday that Lou J. Raffetto Jr. has been named racing secretary and handicapper.

Raffetto, 28, has worked at Monmouth Park since 1967. He trained horses briefly in 1973 and 1974 before working as a racing official. His father, Lou Raffetto Sr., is a retired merchant and has owned a modest stable of horses over the years.

Popular jockey Danny Wright, sidelined since April 1 after being kicked in the hack in a spill, has been given permission by his doctors to begin galloping horses. Wright has been the regular rider for such notedhorses as Cormorant. Iron Derby and Caesar's Wish.