Maryland fumed silently after its undefeated lacrosse record was ruined in ugly fashion yesterday.

John Hopkins won the game in the first half - screeching to a 10-3 lead, outshooting Maryland, 27-14, and controlling the faceoff 10 of 15 times. Three minutes before the final 19-13 verdict mercifully presented itself, a Maryland player was knocked unconscious, tempers flared, benches emptied and punches were thrown.

Maryland Coach Bud Beardmore ordered his players not to speak with the press after the game. It was, perhaps, the only order they successfully carried out this sunny afternoon in Homewood Field.

Beardmore did not shed much light on his second-ranked team's puzzling performance, in which its respected passing game went poof. "No comment, no comment, no comment," was Beardmore's hurried response.

Maryland (7-1) figures to slip from its No. 2 ranking and Johns Hopkins (8-1), rankedthird, should move up. Hopkins has lost only to unbeaten Cornell.

With Maryland trailing 19-10, with three minutes remaining. Terp attackman Mike Farrell was hit hard on the back during a scramble for a ground ball. Farrell was knocked out, and shortly after he hit the ground, Maryland's Ed Pray and Hopkin's Frank Cutrone began throwing punches.

Hopkin's bench emptied, some of the Maryland's reserves join in, and it took coaches and officials a few moments to restore order.

Meanwhile, Farrell had swallowed his tongue. The public address system sought a doctor.

By the time a half-dozen doctors showed up, Jim Weir, Maryland trainer and Lee Zeidman, student trainer, had retrieved Farrell's tongue. Farrell was taken on a stretcher to an ambulance that took him to Union Memorial Hospital for observations. He was released a few hours later in good condition with no serious injury.

Hopkins set the tone of the game early. Maryland scored its first goal for a 1-0 lead 32 seconds into the game, but took only four more shots the rest of the quarter.The Terps seldom had possession of the ball throughout the initial 15 minutes, as the Blue Jay's outshot the Terp's, 17-5, controlling five of eight faceoffs.

Hopkins ran its lead to 10-1, and for the rest of the afternoon, Maryland appeared to play scared, tentative ball - losing several possessions with faulty passes.

Hopkins All-America attackman Mike O'Neil, who accounted for five assists said, "The whole thing was ball control.

"If we had played run and gun with them, we wouldn't have been in the game. I thought we could win, but not exactly like this. We were on today - they weren't.

"We've always had a few scuffles on the field, but nothing like that fight. That was berserk. The game was getting hot. It was coming to an end and guys were getting frustrated."

Hopkins midfielders Dave Huntley and Bob DeSimone each scored three goals, as did attacked Joe Devlin.

Maryland midfielder Barry Mitchell led his team with three goals.