Billy Kilmer says he will not report to the Redskins' minicamp for veterans unless the team signs him to a two-year contract.

The three-day camp will start May 18.

"Money is no problem, none at all," said the quarterback, 38, who reportedly was paid $210,000 last season.

"I just want security. I don't want to be used. I'm not sure if the Redskins are on a youth movement or what, but I hope they don't build at my expense. They owe me something."

Kilmer also told The Washington Post he deserves to be the Reskins starting quarterback next season, no matter what happens in training camp exhibition games.

Jack Pardee, the new Redskin coach, has said Kilmer and Joe Theismann will go into camp as equals, with the job going to the man who earns it then.

"That disturbs me," Kilmer said. "I should be number one until I get beaten out. Off my record and what I've done for Washington and the way my health is now, I don't deserve any other treatment.

"I'll step down gracefully if I can't perform, but I feel I can help the Redskins another two years at least, maybe three or four."

Kilmer said he has talked to both Pardee and Edward Bennett Williams, team president.

"Pardee said he wants to create a competitive attitude, and that's the way he left it," Kilmer said. "I just feel I don't have to prove anything. Look at the last two games last year."

In those games, with the Redskins desperately trying to qualify for the playoffs, Kilmer replaced Theismann and helped the Redskins beat St. Louis and Los Angeles.

Kilmer opened last season at quarterback, but when the Redskins' offense produced less than two touchdowns a game, Theismann took over. At that point, the Redskins had a 3-3 record and Kilmer was nursing an assortment of bruises. A banged-up knee and battered back diminished his effectiveness.

George Allen, the coach then, used Theismann the next six games, winning four of them. While he is more mobile than Kilmer and has a stronger throwing arm, Theismann didn't improve the Redskins offense appreciably.

Needing to win on the road against a strong team, Allen went back to Kilmer, who by then was healthy. Kilmer completed 14 of 28 passes in a 26-20 victory at St. Louis. Then he directed the Redskins past Los Angeles, 17-14, the next week. Washington missed the NFL playoffs only because the Chicago Bears kicked a field goal in the last eight seconds of an overtime game.

"When we were going for the money, I was there," Kilmer said. "And we beat two good teams. We didn't beat any pansies. In all the important games, I've done my job."

Kilmer said he told Pardee, "If I'm not signed, I won't be at camp May 18. I don't feel like I'm part of the team. Legally, I'm under contract on my option year, but I don't feel I'm part of the Redskins. Nobody has dealt with me concretely."

Redskin General Manager Bobby Beathard said yesterday he has meant to talk contract with Kilmer but hasn't got around to it.

"I'll probably give him a call today," Beathard said.

And what of Kilmer's demand for a two-year contract?

"I would think two years would be possible," Beathard said.

Pardee said yesterday Kilmer is still under contract. He said he wants Kilmer at the three-day camp. "It will be to his benefit to be here."

The coach also said he hadn't changed his mind on the Theismann-Kilmer situation. "I won't close the door on any position," he said.

Williams said he had not talked about a contract with Kilmer.

The quarterback said, "He hasn't offered anything, but he said, 'You're part of the Redskins and we want you.'"

That, Kilmer said, wasn't always true.

"At the end of the '76 season, Williams wanted to trade me. He was up in his box at RFK sand said, 'Billy Kilmer will not play here next year." I know prominent people who heard him say it."

"It will not dignify all the rumors about what somebody heard with comments on them," Williams said yesterday.

The May 18 camp, Kilmer said, is important because Pardee will use the get-together to explain his offensive system.

"I want to be there and I want to go to camp in July, but I want to go signed," Kilmer said.

The Redskins are concerned about depth at cornerback. Starters Joe Lavender and Gerard Williams will return and Pat Fischer has been talking about playing another season after missing most of 1977 with a back injury.

However, there is considerable doubt in the organization whether Fischer will be able to pass a physical.

Renfro is a 14-year veteran. He played safely five seasons before being switched to cornerback in 1970. He has played in 10 Pro Bowls and mad all-pro five times. A knee injury in 1976 cost him his starting position with the Cowboys.

In other developments, the Redskins announced they signed their first pick in the college draft, running back Tony Green of Florida, taken in the sixth round. They also signed 10th-round pick Scott Hertenstein, a defensive end from Azusa Pacific.

Beathard also signed four free agents: Bill Siebolt (6-foot-4, 260 pounds), defenseive tackle from Boston College; Chris Tormey (6-3, 230), a linebacker from Idaho; Larry Franklin (6-1, 184), a wide receiver from Jackson State and Duane Jones (6-2, 205), a running back from Mississippi Valley.