Pimlico General Manager CHarles Lang said yesterday that there was no negligence involved in the fatal spill at the race track Wednesday.

Speaking after a meeting of jockeys, trainers, veterinarians and other horsemen, Lang said, "We discussed everything about the accident and the whole spectrum of the medicination policy we use.

"Everybody had their say . . . to a man, nobody doubted that there was no negligence, especially when Dr.James Stewart , private veterinarian handling much of the backstretch work, explained the action of Butazolidin and other permissable medication."

Jockey Rudy Turcotte, one of those injured in the spill, charged in a television interview shortly after the incident that Butazolidin was the main cause was "like Novacaine, it numbs a horse's legs . . . without bute, if a horse starts to hurt, he will pull himself up."

Turcotte said he may have overstated the case by comparing the legalized drug to Novacaine, but he is still against horsemen using it.

Jockey Bill Passmore, sideline by a serious accident two months, ago, said there was no chance of a jockey boycott but that riders were concerned about the drug's use on horses in Maryland.

Jickey Robert Pineda was killed in four-horse spill and two other riders were hospitalized.