The opening performances of the Jack Pardee Show at Redskin Park were drawing rave reviews yesterday, despite the continuing absence of one of the stars, Billy Kilmer.

Pardee was getting favorable notices from the toughest critics of all - his veteran football players. They say they are imprssed with their new head coach after two days of workouts in the current three-day minicamp.

"The approach is about the same as it was under George (Allen)," said defensive tackle Diron Talbert." You study, you go into the classroom and you work things out on the field.

"Jack has some styles of his own and some ideas of his own, but he's no different than nay of us - he wants to win. As far as the older guys playing for Jack, that's no problem at all. We all respect him because of his performance as a player and we know he's got a hell of a lot of knowledges about the game.

Many of the Redskin veterans also were delighted to learn that Pardee, at least for now, seems inclined to have shorter practices than his predecessor.

"It looks like Jack knows what he wants to do and he gets it done," running back Mike Thomas said.

'Practices are sharp and crisp. I don't think we'll ever go longer than two hours out there, and that's good. It helps you keep your concentration and it makes you work harder . . .'

Pardee is a stickler for organization and keeping to a schedule. Yesterday's morning practice began precisely at 10:45 and was 75 minutes later, exactly what Pardee's mimeographed timetable called for. "We stick to the plan and the players really appreciate that," said linebacker Pete Wysocki. "His meetings are pretty much the same as George's, execpt that when Jack is explaining something, he doesn't assume you know it all; he takes a little more time.

"For the defense, there are a few different things in his system than what we've had before, but I'd say the offense has a lot more to learn. For them, it's like going back to school. They're going to have to do some serious studying. The terminology is different. Hopefully, we'll all have it down when training camp starts."

In his own special way, Pardee also has managed to get the message across that he can be tough. When General Manager Bobby Beathard returned from a recent trip to Oregon with a report that offensive tackle Tim Stokes allegedly wasn't on a diligent weightlifting program, Pardee demoted Stokes to second team.

Wide receiver Larry Franklin, a free agent from Jackson State, continued to make a favorable impression in workouts yesterday. He runs 40 yards in 4.4 seconds, and made several fine catches for long gains in drills yesterday . . . Pardee says he was "not discouraged" by the performances of rookie quarterbacks Tim Ellis and John Hurley, both of whom are getting a lot of work because of Kilmer's absence. "They both have skills," Pardee said, "but it's obvious they both need a lot of work." . . . Rookie running back Tony Green, the Redskins' top draft choice and a prospect. He is the fastest back in camp and, at 5-8, the smallest.