Edward Bennett Williams, team president, made a rare appearance at a Redskin practice yesterday and was far more interested in watching several new prospects than he was in talking about missing quarterback Billy Kilmer.

"I don't want to get into a public or a private quarrel with Billy," Williams said. "I like the guy, he's done a lot for this team and the organization, but I really don't know what he wants."

Kilmer was absent again for the third and final day of Coach Jack Pardee's weekend camp for veterans. He had said he would not attend the session unless he received a two-year contract. Williams said yesterday he found that demand rather curious in light of Kilmer's past history of contract negotiations.

"Every year before we talked and he told me he wanted a one-year contract," Williams said. "Now all of a sudden that changes. I haven't spoken to him. He's been talking with Bobby Beathard (the general manager). That's what he (Beathard) is here for. That's all I really know about it and I'd rather not even get into it."

Williams spent most of the 75-minute practice session on the sidelines with Beathard, being briefed on some of his new players. One of them, wide receiver Larry Franklin, a free agent who has made a strong impression during the camp, nearly ran over the team president as he cut to the sideline practicing an out Pattern.

"I just came out to look around," Williams said, and it was obvious he liked what he saw. "There's a lot of enthusiasm out there. They seem to be responding very well to Jack.He's put together a good staff and there seems to be a good feeling among the players."

Pardee said he was delighted to have Williams attend. "It's his team, he ought to be here," Pardee said. "The ownership, the front office people, the people who sell the tickets, they're all important to the Redskins and I'm happy to see them out here."

Pardee said he was looking forward to seeing Kilmer get his contract settled. "He needs conditioning, running, getting in shape," said Pardee. "He can't neglect working out. He has to be ready for training camp. And I'm sure we can get his contract problem worked out."

Pardee said there would be no more formal workouts until the start of training camp in Carlisle, Pa., probably on July 16. He will have rookies, free agents and young veterans report on that date with the veterans due in the following week.

Spectators will be welcome to attend training camp practices in Carlisle if they remain in the stands at the team's Dickinson College training facility. George Allen, former Redskin coach, barred the public from his workouts.