A parade, several rallies and speeches and proclamations by local government officials are scheduled tomorrow if the Bullets win the NBA championship.

Win or lose, however, radio station WMAL will host a rally at Dulles Airport when the Bullets arrive at 5:25 p.m. today from Seattle. The rally will take place at Gates 24 and 25 inside the airport.

If the Bullets win, Prince George's County will hold a rally at Capital Centre at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. From there a motorcade, with the team, will form at 3 p.m., proceed west on Central Avenue, then west on East Capitol Street to the U.S. Capitol. After being met by several members of Congress, the parade will continue west on Pennsylvania Avenue to the District Building, where the mayor and several city council members will offer congratulations.

The motorcade then will go east on Pennsylvania at (approximately 4:45 p.m. to Constitution Avenue and continue east to RFK stadium for another rally on parking lot 4. The other stadium lots will be open for free public parking.

Seattle Coach Lenny Wilkens still has not decided whether he wants the job for another year. When he switched from director of player personnel to coach in November, he was given the option of returning to personnel next season. Although owner Sam Shulman says Wilkens has given his "tacit agreement" to a second year of coaching, Wilkens says he won't talk about the job until at least next week.

The Seattle Mariners baseball team played the Yankees last night in the Kingdome and delayed the start of the game until the NBA championship game had ended. Fans arriving early could watch the basketball contest on the King dome's huge television screen.

The Sonics are having second thoughts about moving to the Kingdome next year. Fans weren't happy with the facility when Seattle hosted the Bullets there in game four and team officials now say further discussions will be held with Kingdome authorities. Parking and locker room accommodations are not adequate at the Sonics' current home, the Seattle Coliseum.

The city of Seattle scheduled a victory parade today if the Sonics won last night. The mayor was hoping an opera-singing fat lady could lead the parade - in response to Bullet Coach Dick Motta's phrase, "The opera ain't over til the fat lady sings."