Six of the Redskins' seven draftees have agreed to terms, General Manager Bobby Beathard said yesterday.

Guard Steve McCabe of Bowdoin College, selected in the 12th and last round, was given a "required tender," or minimum offer by yesterday's deadline but has not agreed to terms, which Beathard did not disclose.

McCabe has 15 days to accept that offer. If he does not and the Redskins do no increase their offer, they will retain negotiating rights to him until next year's draft, when any club other than the Redskins can select him.

Beathard said four draftees already under contract are running back Tony Green of Florida, a sixth-round pick; wide receiver Walker Lee of North Carolina, eight round; quarterback John Hurley of Santa Clara, ninth round, and defensive end Scott Hertenstein of Azusa Pacific, 10th round.

Beathard said linebacker Don Hover of Washington State, picked in the eighth round, has agreed to terms, as defensive back Mike Williams of Texas A&M, taken in the 11th round.

A spokesman for the National Football League said all clubs have inidcated that they met yesterday's deadline for making tenders to players not yet signed.

A spokesman for NLF Management Council said the tenders constituted minimum "good-faith" offers to draftees more than a month before training camps open.

The NFL Players Association, in effect, negotiated a minimum scale for rookies. It precludes charges made in the past that a club might make an offer and say, "Take it or leave it."