A ruling by an Anne Arundel County Circuit Court judge yesterday should enable financially troubled Laurel Raceway to open June 28 under its present owners.

Judge Ray Thieme Jr. vacated a confessed judgment for $2.2 million in a suit brought against Laurel by Citizens Bank and Trust Co. of Riverdale. In effect, Thieme ruled the track's owners had grounds for a trial in the case.

Had the judge ruled in favor of the bank, the track would have had to have been sold by either its owners or by the bank after it foreclosed.

The bank holds a majority interest in the harness-racing track - the 58.7 percent of Laurel's stock owned by Daniel J. Rizk, a New Jersey real estate developer - as collateral for a $2.2 million loan obtained by Greta R. Shamy, her husband and others in 1975 to purchase the track.

Last week, Leon Levitsky, a Mount Rainier doctor and businessman, said he was negotiating with an attorney for Shamy to purchase the majority interest.

Joseph Shamy confirmed he was negotiating a sale with two different interests. But he said his first goal was to refinance and keep control of the Rte. 1 track in Howard County a few miles from Laurel Race Cource, which races thoroughbreds.

Asked yesterday about a possible sale, Stanley Katz, attorney for the track, said: "Sale? That's a figment of somebody's imagination."

Katz said he has 15 days to file a plea in the case and that he will ask for a jury trial.

The bank alleges that the Shamys' note is due. The Shamys claim they met certain conditions and were given an oral extension by the bank.