George Allen, the Washington Redskins' coach for seven years before being fired last January, has been billed $14,047.94 by the Redskins, who claim unjustified expenses by the coach.

Edward Bennett Williams, president of the Redskins, who said often Allen exceeded his unlimited expense account, apparently decided a tab was in order for expense items such as pajamas Allen bought at training camp, flowers for the coach's secretary during "Secretary Week" and the cost the Redskins incurred in regaining two courtesy cars assigned to the Redskins that Allen lent to his sons.

Allen, now the coach of the Los Angeles Rams, said the expenses are being deducted from deferred money he has coming from the Redskins. He was quoted by Los Angeles Herald-Examiner sports columnist Melvin Durslag as saying. "I bruised Williams' ego after I was fired, so he's apparently decided to get me."

Williams said from his home last night that he had not heard of Allen's remarks and that, "I don't want to hear about them. I am not i ntersted in commenting on what George Allen says. I don't want to get into a debate in the press."

Allen included Jack Kent Cooke, majority stockholder in the Redskins, in a slap at Williams when he said , "The big sports charged me S-6 for three tickets for my son to a game in Atlanta. Mind you, I was vice president, general manager and head coach of the club, and I got charged for tickets."

Allen took some blame for the overall situation, but protested: "They shouldn't havbe stooped to such pettiness and such below-the-belt punching."

Allen, who earned an annual salary of $125,000 plus residuals while with the Redskins, remarked, "I was a slave, a literal slave, to those guys for seven years. When I signed, i got a good salary. But as inflation came along, my deal began to look smaller, especially in view of what other coaches were starting to make.

"But they never offered to tear up my contract and give me a cost-of-living raise, despite the fact I kept their team in the running all seven years and they made millions and millions on stock."

The coach explained that the Ford company customarily lends fleets of cars to all National Football League clubs.

"I had two of these for my family and had lent them to my sons." Allen said to Durslag. "When the Redskins fired me, they demanded the cars immediately. One boy was in Abingdon, Va., and the others in Richmond at school. We told the club the cars would be returned at the end of the week.

"But instead, Williams sent people to get them right away - like repossession jobs. Well, they charged me $467.05 for bringing back the cars."

Allen, here for several parties and for the end of the school year, and to assist in preparing for the move to California, said, "That charge of $467 was ridiculous, as was not telling the kids somebody was picking the cars up. You'd have to put the cars on an airplane for it to cost that much. Ed Williams is a very vindictive person."

Williams could not be reached for comment.

Allen added that he concurred with what Williams has been saying about his generosity towards Allen. Williams often said he gave Allen an unlimited expense account, and Allen exceeded it.

"When he neglected to say is that he is billing me for it," Allen said.

It has been reported that the Redskins also were upset with Allen's use of the staff for personal duties, his son's use of a company telephone credit card, and other expenses Allen claimed that Williams thought excessive.

Allen told Durslag that he had engaged an attorney to look into the expenses being deducted from deferred income due him from the Redskins, but he wasn't sure he would pursue the matter in court.

"The whole case is so petty that my making an issue of it might drop me to the level of Williams."

The Herald-Examiner quoted Cooke from Las Vegas as knowing about the bill sent to Allen, but saying, "I defer now, as before, to Edward Bennett Williams, because he runs the Redskins."

Allen said he was in Washington for about 10 days, to attend a party for him, his wife and children last night at the Iranian embassy, and another party tonight for him given by "some fans."