Because of Proposition 13, the Los Angeles Rams probably are locked into the L.A. Coliseum with no hope of improvements and unlikely to see Anaheim Stadium converted to accomodate a move there.

Proposition 13 voted into law in California June 6, limits property taxes to 1 percent of market value. It was estimated this would cut property tax bills by an average of 57 percent.

The law provided that assessments be rolled back to 1975 levels and placed a 2 percent limit on how much the assessment could be increased. Local government revenue will be cut from about $12 billion per year to $5 billion, Congressional Quarterly explains.

Steve Rosenbloom, assistant to his father Carroll, the president of the Los Angeles Rams, said, "I'm delighted with Proposition 13, as a taxpayer who owns a home with a high assessment. It may not be the greatest legislation, but it was a message."

Reminded that the Rams had been asking for improvements, which probably are out of the question now, Rosenbloom said, "We're more concerned about things for people."

"We had a plan two years ago to raise private money to make a first-rate stadium out of 'this old lady (meaning the collseum built for the 1932 Olympics).' We were going to sell luxury suites and bonds, which would have been bought mostly by corporations. Not a cent was to come from taxpayers.

"It didn't go over. There was a bill recently introduced into the legislature, before Proposition 13, to raise $9 million to improve the coliseum. If I were a politican I wouldn't want to sponsor that now."

Rosenbloom said that the Rams were approached to use Anaheim Stadium, where the Angels play. But he noted that it seats 43,000 and "a lot of work," not to mention concern about costs in the current political-economic climate, would be required to add about 23,000 seats and convert the baseball park for football.

He said the Rams would be interested if the alterations were made with private financing.

Jim Kehoe, outgoing director at the University of Maryland, said, "Since Proposition 13 passed I received a memo from the university reminding me that Acting Governor (Blair) Lee has put a freeze on all hiring."

Kehoe, who will retire in September, predicted, "Proposition 13 will have a profound effect. It's darn near time. The governments have been spending too much money.

"We're (Maryland athletics) a self-supporting operation. There is no funding from the state for sports."