Pro Sports West, a weekly football publication, is cited by the Seattle Seahawks as evidence that they have the toughest schedule in the National Football League, that the Redskins have the 12th hardest and that George Allen's Los Angeles Rams have the eariest of all 28 clubs.

The ratings are based on opponents' records in 1977, on whether the opponents made the playoffs and on the sites of the 1978 games.

The Seahawks cite the air miles to be traveled by each club in the NFL in 1978. San Francisco will travel the farthest, 30,536 miles, followed by Los Angeles, 27,632, and Seattle, 24,396. The Redskins will travel the least total distance, 7,184 miles.

Based only on how opponents fared in 1977, the New York Jets have the toughest schedule under the new 16-game format. The irony is that the new schedule format was devised by Jim Kensil, who was then executive director of the NFL. Now he is president of the Jets.

Allen's Rams are solid favorites to win the Western Division of the National Conference over Atlanta, 7-7 in 1977; San Francisco, 5-9, and New Orleans, 3-11.

That would give the Rams the home advantage in the first round of the playoffs.