The Super Soccer League, which was to begin its initial indoor season next month, has postponed its start until next year, The Washington Post has learned.

League President Jerry Saperstein was forced to push back the start until April 1979.

"Only eight of the original 12 teams were set to begin play," said Saperstein. "But of those eight, several still did not have financing in order.

"We just couldn't work it right now. By starting over in the spring of next year, maybe several of those cities that dropped out early would be prepared to come back. We're not folding."

The league, which held a player draft in April, had signed 85 players to contracts. Officials of the Washington Fever, scheduled to play at Capital Centre, were unavailable for comment last night, but work was continuing in the office yesterday.

Among the problems the league faced was scheduling. After Seattle dropped out, the Lost Angeles and San Francisco franchises decided the travel to the East Coast would be a financial burden.

"Without the West Coast teams, the league would have been regionalized, and we didn't want that," said Saperstein. "Hopefully, we'll have three or four teams on the West Coast in the spring."