Maryland horsemen land the pick of John M. Curley Jr. by Acting Gou Edair Lee to fill the vacancy on the Maryland Racing Commission.

Curley, a 44-year old Baltimore County breeder and businessman also is chairman of Eastern Stainless Steel. He will fill the one year of the term of Curie Jackson, who resigned after 19 years on the commission.

The Maryland racing public still is waiting the appointment of a racing commissioner whose primary aim would be to see that the racing fans get a square shake. The track owners, the horsemen and the breeders are well represented. But the fans are still held in contempt only by the federal, state and city governments, but by the regulatory agency which is supposed to protect them.

At the recent meeting called by racing board chairman Bob Banning, Gregg McCarron, one of the three jockeys in attendance, denied any concern that the use of drugs may be masking pain, hence causing severe breakdowns in horses.

Vince Bracciale, another of the jockeys in attendance, voiced his disapproval of the inference made by this reporter that races could be interpreted as being run hot and cold by a trainer abstaining from giving a horse medication without much fear of being detected. Bracciale, one of the best and most dedicated riders in Maryland, noted that he gets up early in the morning, works hard in the afternoon and resents any inference that the game is not on the level.