The National Hockey League magnates have been powwowing in Detroit, talking financial reorganization of the New York Islanders; possible admission (yes, again) of three or four WHA clubs; dissolution or transfer of the Colorado Rockies unless things shape up in Denver - and, over in the Red Wing offices, bad news could be brewing for the Capitals.

The Wings, one of the teams up ahead in the Norris Division in Washington's drive to become a playoff team, are reported on the brink of signing one of the game's top goalies: Rogie Vachon, 2.86 goals-against average in 70 games for Los Angeles last season. A report out of Toronto had Vachon set to sign with Detroit for five years; Red Wing GM Ted Lindsay confirmed efforts to sign the vet for the nets and threw in that the club also is after center Butch Goring, who like Vachon played out his L.A. option last season (Goring winning the Masterton Trophy while at it), in a package deal.

"As of right now there are no signatures," said Lindsay . . .

Over at the NHL board of governors meeting, according to WHA sources (NHL voices were mum), if NHL Board Chairman William Wirtz of the Chicago Black Hawks "twists enough arms" in the next day or two, Edmonton, Quebec and New England might be taken in for 1978-79, with Winnipeg to be considered for 1979-80. In Houston, the WHA Aeros' owner, Ken Schnitzer, canceled a news conference at which it was presumed he planned to announce folding of his WHA franchise; he'd decided to fly to Detroit to visit the NHL people - and maybe dicker for the Rockies, whose President Jack Vickers is disgruntled over Denver lease conditions.

Weird scheduling, weird reasoning [TEXT OMMITTED FROM SOURCE]