MAMA and papa got together last year to keep their youngsters off the streets. "We wanted our children to have a safe, active motorcycle competition program, so we formed the Middle Atlantic Moto-Cross Association, explained vice president Bill Griffin of Kensington That's MAMA.

The parents run the group that has 235 riders age 4 through 17 enrolled in four states. More than a dozen mot-cross meets are ahead until Nov. 5, making a season of more than 20 events.

"The riders are classified by age, experience and bike size, Griffin says. "We give a trophy for every three riders in a race. And, a motorcycle can be absolutely box stock and still be competitive.

"Every rider gets practice time and at least two motos, ranging in time from 10 to 20 minutes, every meet."

MAMA is more active than the older Scholastic club, now affiliated with the American Motorcyclist Association. "We build our tracks, if we have to, and then level them after the races," says Griffin. "That's one reason our schedule is full. We have access to all sorts of equipment and we parents will do the work. It's amazing how people will cooperate when it's for kids."