The Washington Redskins have signed newly acquired Lemar Parrish to a five-year contract that will pay the all-pro cornerback approximately $600,000 over the length of the pact.

Parrish was obtained from the Cincinnati Bengals along with defensive and Coy Bacon on June 26 in exchange for the Redskins' No. 1 draft pick in 1979. He said at the time of the trade he would be seeking a six-figure salary and that "I ought to be the highest paid cornerback in the league."

Neither the Redskins, Parrish nor his Washington attorney, Richard Bennett, would discuss the dollar value of the contract yesterday, but Parrish said "I am very satisfied, yes. I am a happy football player. I think I'll be earning a decent salary for what I do.

"Both sides wanted it to run that length of time (five years). I'd like to finish out my career in Washington. I'll be 35 when it runs out, and depending on how I feel then. I'll make a decision if I want to play longer.

"Right now, I'm just looking forward to going to training camp. I'd rather not talk about the money. That's my personal business. But money never mattered to me on the field.

"I never played the game as an unhappy player on Sunday, even when I was having problems in Cincinnati. I always gave it my best shot. It's going to be nice to have a clear head on this thing going into camp."

The Redskins also announced yesterday that Ron McDole, the veteran defensive end, had signed a contract to play in his 18th professional season.

McDole, who will be 39 on Sept. 9 and will be the oldest man on the team, has agreed to a one-year contract reportedly in the $125,000 range.

McDole joked yesterday that his 18th professional contract called for him to play "week-to-week." He also admitted, "I'm getting close to the end of the line, but as long as I feel I can contribute and help and they feel the same way about me, I'll play."

McDole has never missed a game since joined the Redskins in 1971 and has a string of 140 straight games in the NFL.

The Redskins now have 10 unsinged veterans, all of them entering the option year on their contracts for the 1978 season.

Six were starters a year ago-quarterback Billy Kilmer, linebacker Chris Hanburger, wide receiver Danny Buggs, running back Mike Thomas, defensive tackle Dave Butz and offensive guard Ron Saul. The others are return man Eddie Brown, defensive end Karl Lorch, running back Calvin Hill and center Keith Eck, who already has informed the team he will play out his option this season.

Redskin General Manager Bobby Beathard said he anticipated that all of the players, including Kilmer, will report to training camp on time, and that he will probably continue negotiations with them in the next two weeks.

Kilmer, who has said he wants a two-year guaranteed contracts, as been out of the city the last few weeks and is scheduled to take a physical tomorrow. Beathard said he had not talked to the quarterback, "for awhile" and added, "Im really not entirely sure how we're going to resolve it.

"But he's going to be with us this year. He's under contract and we need him. I would anticipate he will be in camp when he's supposed to be (Sunday). I don't think we'll have any problems anywhere else."