"The whole case is so petty that my making an issue of it might drop me to the level of (Edward Bennett) Williams," responded George Allen as the June 17 headlines hollered, "Redskins Bill Allen for $14,047, 94."

Petty to Big George, maybe, but turnabout is fair play for No. 2 son Bruce Allen, who has engaged No. 1 son George Allen Jr., attorney at law, Charlottesville, Va., to make an issue of it: a damage suit, duly filed and due for trial in Fairfax County District Court July 26.

The "unjustified" expenses the Redskins are deducting from deferred money Allen had coming after he left to become coach of the Los Angeles Rams included $467.05, the costs of seizing two courtesy cars Allen had lent to his sons.

What's worse, Bruce Allen alleges, when Redskin employes swooped onto the U. of Richmond campus last winter and took possessions of the car he was using, some of his personal possessions went with it. And have never been returned, he claims, despite his repeated calls to Redskin Park. Currently a longshot punting candidate in Baltimore Colt camp, Allen is suing lawyer Williams' NFL team for damages for the summary seizure and return of property . . .