Bullet reserve Mitch Kupchak says he wants more playing time next season and an eventual spot in the staring lineup.

"I'm not one of the best players on the team yet. When I improve my game, I think I'll start. I'll give it a year or two, but I don't want to retard my career," he said recently at a basketball clinic he was running at Elon College in North Carolina with former Tar Heel teammate Bobby Jones of the Denver Nuggets. "If I'm not starring by then, maybe I will go somewhere else."

Look for the tennis career of one Michael Fishback to take a nosedive. The International Tennis Federation has outlawed the double-strung "spaghetti racket" Fishback and others have used with some startling upsets. The ITF ruled yesterday that, for the next year at least, rackets can be of any size or shape in the frame, but are limited to the traditional complement of strings.

Ilie Nastase says he will sue if the World Team Tennis Los Angeles Strings insist on fining him $15,000. Nastase, the Strings' player-coach, missed a match Wednesday night after competing in the Forest Hills Invitational that day in New York.

"If they call it a fine, I will sue," said Nastase. "Fine is not the right word. I signed a contract with WCT first and I have to play in this tournament."

All the Boston Red Sox had to be innoculated for hepatitis Wednesday when it was discovered a reporter covering the team had the highly contagious disease. Another case of the media giving the athletes a pain in the flesh.

Australian soccer Coach Richard Alagich, mentor of the Sydney first-grade side Manly, has resigned after a public outcry over his method of putting his team into the proper frame of mind for victory.

Alagich used films of the shooting and mass burial of Jewish prisoners at the Auschwitz death camp. He told his players to get on the field and avenge the victims of the World War II atrocities.

Yankee slugger Reggie Jackson has been accused once again of allegedly hittin something other than baseballs. A 23-year-old Bronx woman. Cassandra Small, says Jackson slapped her when she asked him for his autograph Wednesday night at a New York movie theatre.

Jackson, who countered Small's harassment complaint with one of his own, claims the woman was told twice that he would not profer his John Hancock and that she started to abuse his date. When the abuse changed from verbal to physical, Jackson says he intervened.