CBS Radio still may need a "designated hitter" such as Alex Hawkins on its Monday night football broadcasts if it hopes to influence fans to turn off the sound of the ABC telecast and only watch that network's picture.

Already, CBS has lined up an "expert" with credentials in former coach Hank Stram. Jack Buck will do the play-by-play. Hawkins is a more controversial type.

When CBS outbid Mutual for the radio broadcasts and sportscaster Brent Musburger announced it, he added, "So, on Monday nights next fall you can watch the ABC picture (on television) and listen to the play-by-play on CBS Radio. I think you'll find it much, much easier on your blood pressure."

ABC countered by ridiculing the notion that some fans had turned off its sound to listen to the radio accounts. One loss to the fans would be the treat of seeing Stram's spiffy "threads." But he will be on CBS Sunday, game telecasts. WTOP-1500 says it plans to carry the Monday night game broadcasts.

Len Hauss and Chris Hanburger of the Redskins will be playing for their sixth head coach, Jack Pardee. Both started under Bill McPeak, who was followed by Otto Graham, Vince Lombardi, Bill Austin and George Allen.

Graham, who recently underwent surgery for cancer, said in England, "I have to go back in September for a checkup. I hope they got it all. But if they didn't they didn't. I can't do a damn thing about it, so I'm just carrying on." He was "carrying on" as athletic director at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy by accompanying the crew to the Henley regatta.

Vince Lombardi preached religion, family and football. George Allen is quoted in a Los Angleles Rams' publicity release as saying, "The fact that Carrolll Rosenbloom wants a Super Bowl spot (Editor's note - Spot or victory, George?) does not make me nervous. I always put pressure on myself. The pursuit of victory is my religion."

The Redskins note that Saturday is the last day for picking up season tickets, at RFK Stadium.

Bruce Allen says his attorney-brother, George Jr., filed the suit against the Redskins in Fairfax to recover "personal property" from a car he was using seized by the Redskins. The "property:" a Cowboy hat, mirror sunglasses, and sweat suit. Look for Bruce, who admits he is being outkicked by the Baltimore Colts' punting machine, to coach at Arizona State and to open a travel agency, an ideal service for a coach's family.

Joe Sullivan, director of operations for the Dt. Louis Cardinals, says of a second serious episode in the last year, "I suffered a brain hemorrhage. A blood vessel in my head burst. I dropped to the floor at my home and fell on my arm. It fractured five ribs and tore the rotator cuff in my shoulder. I don't remember anything that happened for the first two weeks after that. I'm working about five hours a day in training camp. I know when I'm getting tired; my speech becomes affected."

Previously, Sullivan, former assistant to George Allen in Los Angeles and Washington, underwent open-heart surgery.

Andy Robustelli, director of operations for the New York Giants, says there is no question that No. 1 draft choice Gordon King will be signed.

Stan White of the Baltimore Colts is qualified to be a "clubhouse lawyer." He now has a law degree.