George Allen has been fined $3,000 for public remarks about the Redskin management and cautioned that other comments verged on tampering with Billy Kilmer. Jim Murray reported in the Los Angeles Times in its Tuesday morning editions.

A spokesman for the National Football League confirmed that Pete Roselle took the actions in a letter to Allen two weeks ago, before the commissioner went on a vacation.

Allen denied only that he had tampered with Kilmer, according to Murray, who quoted the new Los Angeles Ram head coach as saying from training camp. "Ed Williams (Redskins president) can't sign him. They do not get along. Of course we would want Kilmer. But there is no way we can get him and there has been no tampering."

A league spokesman said that Rozelle had read some of Allen's statements about Williams and about his wanting Kilmer and that the "Redskins also had brought statements to our attention."

It was learned that Allen would not actually have to personally go to Kilmer and tell him the Rams wanted him for a violation of the no-tampering role to occur. A planting of the idea would be sufficient to violate the spirit of the rule, if the player was under contract to another club, as Kilmer is, obligated to play the option year of his contract with the Redskins.

The league spokesman said there were no direct charges of direct tampering with Kilmer.

Kilmer said of the action by Rozelle against Allen, "It doesn't seem fair to me. I think if he (Allen) felt he was being on the verge of tampering, Kilto say what he wants to say."

As to the warning to Allen about being on the verge of tampering. Kilmer said, "If they (the league) are going to warn him . . . hell, I've talked to Teddy Marchibroda (coach of the Baltimore Colts and former Redskin quarterback coach) at the Super Bowl to Marv Levy (Kansas City coach and former Redskin assistant). AL Davis managing general partner of the Oakland Raiders). . . a lot of coaches.

"I can talk to a lot of people because they are friends of mine. I've talked to a lot of friends in the league. Is that tampering? . . . It's ridiculous."

Bobby Mitchell, administrative assistant to Williams, said, "He (Allen) has talked to Billy a lot. Billy's been to his house. George was at his wedding. I think that's what they (the league) are going on . . . the fact that they've been around each other (since Allen was fired).

"It's the same as if Jack Pardee was on the West Coast and he and Pat Haden (quarterback of the Rams) were seen together. George has said in the newspaper that he'd like to have Billy. That just doesn't look good.

"We can't prove he's tampering. And, of course, George Allen's reputation doesn't help him. I know what George does and doesn't do. Let's leave it at that."

Mitchell was personnel director for professional scouting under Allen. He was asked what the Redskins would want from the Rams for Kilmer.

"George would have to give up what we wanted," Mitchell said. "You give a coach your number one starter from last year, you've got to get a lot for him. I'm sure he (Allen) has made the attempt to get Kilmer. I don't know how much he's able to do (how much authority Allen has to make deals with the Rams).

"It looks as though Billy could settle down here and play with us. We want him here. He's got a lot to work with."

Bobby Beathard, Redskin general manager, would not comment on the tampering warning to Allen. He did say he had spoken to Allen "quite a while ago" about a deal for Kilmer. Allen made the overture and Beathard said yesterday, "I said at the time that we would have to get at least a quarterback in a trade."

Columnist Murray noted that Allen must pay the $3,000 fine personally and cited Rozelle's letter to the coach saying the coach's "prior record of numerous violations of NFL rules by clubs under your direct administration and control."

Allen had been quoted as saying the Redskins' management tapped his telephones; that Williams was "petty, mean and vindictive," and that Washington management personnel were "suddenly self-righteous men."

Rozelle in his letter credited Allen for the "on-field success of your foot-ball teams," but pointed out. "Unfortunately, your performance away from the playing field fills us with dissatisfaction."

Rozelle cited "acrimonious and purely destructive statements" and said "repetition will be dealt with more severely."