Lost in the Pete Rose shuffle, San Francisco's Jack Clark has been dealing out a cluster of hits at a very impressive clip of his own.

Clark extended his hitting streak to 25 games Sunday - breaking Giants' all-time record - to lead San Francisco to a 3-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Cincinnati's Rose hit in his 36th straight game the same day, overshadowing the second-year outfielder's accomplishments.

Keeping the streak intact was important to Clark, but he said it was a big hit because it helped win the game and kept the first-place Giants 1 1/2 games ahead of the Reds in the National League West.

"The best things about it (RBI single in the first inning) was that it drove in a run and helped keep in first place," said Clark.

"When I saw the reaction in the dugout and in the stands and when Davey (first base coach Jim Davenport) shook my hand, I got that happy feeling inside. I felt time I'd accomplished something; that of all the great hitters the Giants have had over the years, I, at least in this category, was ahead of them all."

Clark said he's enjoying the shadow that Rose has cast over his effort. "What Rose is doing is good for me," said the 22-year-old Clark. "Pete's getting all the attention and I'm just trying to win games. If I get up around 30 games, people might start noticing."

Also playing a key role in victorty was pitcher Jim Barr, who failed to survive the first inning in his last outing against Chicago two days earlier.