The Redskins were putting out all-points bulletin to locate their newly acquired offensive tackle yesterday, but they had no trouble locating offensive guard Donnie Hickman, perhaps the mot important ingredient in the controversial Eddie Brown trade.

While Brown was flying to Los Angeles, Jack Pardee was still defending the deal that brought in Hickman, tackle Jeff Williams (reportedly driving east from the coast) and three draft choices.

"Everything you do is to strengthen the club so that we'll be better this year and down the line, too," Pardee said. "I'm aware of Eddie and his effect on the team. It's a loss. He's a friend to these guys. He'll still be a friend. He's just with a different team now.

"Everything you do is not always popular. But that goes with the job."

Hickman, meanwhile, arrived in the Redskins training camp during the lunch hour after a nigth flight from Los Angeles. He dressed for the afternoon practice and watched most of the action until the last drill of the day - pass blocking.

"I was pleased," Pardee said. "He looks like a pass blocker. For an offensive lineman, if you can pass protect and run, and we know he can do that, well, my initial impression is good. He's anxious to get in there.

"I really don't know what side we'll play him on. He played more on the right in college, but I'm pleased with (Dan) Nugent in there now, so he's not neccessarily going to be the right guard. Primarily, we're looking for a starting unit and others able to go both ways."

Hickman said he was "satisfied" with the trade because he feels he is 'going to have a better opportunity here than . . . in Los Angeles.

No, there wasn't any problem with George Allen, it was a problem with the number of people they had. We had six guards, 16 or 17 offensive linemen. I was looking at another year of not playing much or back on the injured reserve, and I had enough of that last year.

"I'm sure people are upset about losing Eddie Brown. Just from reading the papers when I cam in today you could see that. But I didn't have much to do with that.They make the deals, I'm under contract, and I'll honor the contract.

"I feel the same kind of pressure that any athlete going into a different camp would feel. I'm sure these guys are looking at me closely. All I can do is work at my job and do the best I can."

Meanwhile, many of the Redskins were still grumbling about the deal that sent All-Pro return man Brown to Los Angeles in exchange for the two lineman, a No. 3 draft pick in 1979 and second and fifth choices in 1980.

"No, I'm not happy about it," said Rusty Tillman, special teams captain. "He was a good friend, a grant player, the best return man I ever played with. We lost Bob Brunet last year, and now Eddie.

"What it amounts to is that we have to replace two guys who took great pride in the special teams, guys who strived to have the best special teams in the league.

"I can't speak for the team, but I don't think anybody has done more to help the Redskins over the last two years than Eddie did. Those kind of guys are tough to replace.I'm sure they had their reasons, but like I said, I'm not happy about it."

In other developments yesterday, veteran defensive end Coy Bacon was cleared to take part in his first workouts of the week, and immediately impressed Pardee with his pass-rushing techniques.

"I like him," Pardee said. Boy, he's quick off the ball. The reason I like him so much is that the last couple of times we face him (in Chicago), we weren't able to block him."

"I felt good, real good out there," Bacon said after moving onto the first unit defensive team at right end. Dennis Johnson manned that position a year ago, but he apparently is being moved inside. Johnson wasn't moving anything yesterday because he has been suffering from neck spasms.

"Ask the coach," Johnson said when asked about his change of positions. "I'm just a ballplayer. We're all learning all four positions anyway."

Redskin defenders also are learning a complicated series of hand signals Pardee plans to use to call defensive signals from the sidelines this season if linebacker Chris Hanburger is out of the game.

"It depends on who's in the game," Pardee said. "If Chris is in there, he'll probably call them. If he's not, we'll probably relay them. We'd rather have the players concentrate on their jobs.

"There are times when you do need some signals. You might see something from the press box that they didn't see on the field and you need some way to communicate it to them."

Pardee trimmed three more players off the roster, all of them offensive guards: Alva Liles of Boise State, Chris Wester of East Texas State and Mike Sandusky of Duke. Wide receiver Jim Biscoe of Santa Clara left camp . . . Offensive tackle Terry Hermeling missed both practices with a stomach virus . . . Mike Thomas insisted yesterday that he more than held his own in a brief scuffle with linebacker Stu O'Dell Monday, disagreeing with The Washington Post card giving O'Dell the unanimous decision . . . Of Williams, the missing tackle, Pardee said: "I like the attitude of him coming to stay, but I'd like him to be here to practice.". . . Billy Kilmer and Joe Theismann were accurate through the air in 7-on-7 drills yesterday.