The Redskin highlight film of the 1977 season, "All They Do Is Win," has just been released and there is some marvelous game footage of last year's memorable moment. A memorable coach, however, doesn't even make a cameo appearance.

The only time you see George Allen in this NFL Films production comes on a sideline shot of game played in 1972. The back of Allen's head as he talks to linebacker Jack Pardee is clearly visible.

But that's it. No finger-licking, no impassioned sideline speeches, no hip, hip hooray footage that was standard stuff for each of the club's previous films under the Allen era.

Last year, four pages of the Redskin press guide were taken up with a detail history of Allen's achievements. This year, head coach Jack Pardee get 1 1/2 pages of copy and a picture.

The Redskins' new equipment manager is Joe Korn.

The players call him "Pop."

A former Redskin equipment manager, Kelly Miller, came to Carlisle for the first time in eight years the other day to renew aquaintances and talk about the good old days.

"Sure it's different," he said. "We had one trainer, one equipment man, one head coach, 28 ball players and 10 games."

Then he spotted Bennett Williams, the son of team President Edward Bennett Williams, who is working this summer as a ball boy. "Where'd you get those shorts, kid?" he asked. "They're two sizes too big."