Bob Avellini, former University of Maryland quarterback who is wearing a Tetrapin T-shirt in the Bear training camp despite the fact it used to be a no-no for former college hot shots to wear such regalia in pro camps, claims the Bears lost to the Cowboys in the playoffs last year partly because they were not prepared for the game.

Avellini "I don't think we were prepared to play the Cowboys in our postseason game. We stayed in the Chicago area to practice, had to go indoors one day because of the weather, had another ineffective day of practice on ice, and then ran plays we hadn't used all year.

"Whether it was nerves or the Cowboys were just a better team we don't know. We'd like another shot. We're going to be throwing more this year in the open field to runners like Walter Payton, Johnny Musso, Rowland Harper and Robin Earl. I like to pass but it doesn't matter to me if I throw four or 30, if we win."

Avellini said his model has been Joe Namath, "because I'm from New York, but I do not have his drop back, his limp, and I do not knock back my shoulder pads like he did. I took a little from other quarterbacks, too, like Bob Griese's play-calling and Fran Tarkenton's timing of his passes."