Robert Sigholtz, D.C. armory board manager who sent the Washington Bullets a bill for $1,146.30 for services rendered during the NBA Champions' Victory Day celebration June 9, said yesterday. "There was nothing personal about it, it was just a matter of business.

"We don't have any budget. All of our monies have to be accounted for to the D.C. government," said Sigholtz who was out of town and couldn't be reached for comment last week when the matter was made public.

Ofield Dukes of the Ofield Dukes & Associates public relations firm in Washington, said he took the responsibility of coordinating the Victory Day celebration, with the Bullets' approval, but felt the tab would be picked up by the District government.

The $1,146.30 included overtime pay-employees " according to Sigholtz. The armory employees were detailed to ments for an estimate "eight or nine construct a platform for the Bullet speakers and for cleanup duties at the Stadium, the last of several stops the Bullets made on their triumphant tour of the area.

"During our organization meeting, I suggested the stadium stop be the first one and there would have been no bill whatsoever," said Sigholtz. "Our workers could have easily been diverted from their daily duties to the task of readying things for the Bullets. It would have been during their regular hours and wouldn't cost anyone a nickel.

"But Mr. Dukes kept insisting the bill would be taken care of. So I went along with him," Sigholtz said.