Two readers have questions about recent items in The Washington Post. In Parade magazine for July 23, Bob Addie said that Vice President Hubert Humphrey came out to Griffith Stadium in 1965 to see the Minnesota Twins. James T. Hammett of Arlington circled the words "Griffith Stadium" and wrote alongside them, "RFK?"

"Griffith Stadium" was probably a slip of the typewriter, but "RFK" may also be wrong - technically. In 1964, we published a picture of "weeds as high as an elephant's eye" at Griffith Stadium. We said the place had been "abandoned since the Nats moved to D.C. Stadium in 1962." D.C. Stadium didn't become "RFK" until after Robert F. Kennedy's death in 1968.

George L. Bue of Fairfax sent me a clipping of a picture we published on July 19. It showed a young man on a bicycle in Austin, Minn., on a day when the Red Cedar River, at flood stage, was flowing right down Main Street. Our caption under the picture was, "Peddling Down the River," and the question from Bue was, "Does he need a peddler's license?"

Probably not, but our caption writer may need a reminder about the difference between peddle and pedal . I have a few mental blocks of my own that are worse, but fortunately there is no space to discuss them today.