Wide receiver Walker Lee, the Redskins' eighth-round pick in the 1978 college draft, was one of three players placed on waivers yesterday.

Lee, the Redskins' second pick in the draft out of North Carolina, was cut along with wide receiver Steve Wilson of Angelo State and running back Danny Knott of Notre Dame.

Coach Jack Pardee said he did not feel Lee "was as far along as some of the other people we have in camp. He was trying, but we have to get improvement at the position and the only way to do that is to have more repetition for the other people."

The Redskins were able to draft Lee after they traded linebacker Joe Harris to the 49ers in exchange for an eighth-round choice.

J.T. Smith exchanged a red jersey worn by the defense for a white one used by offensive players yesterday after Pardee decided to switch him from safety to wide receiver.

Smith, a free agent from North Texas State, was a receiver in college. The Redskins also are hoping he will be able to help them on punt returns.

Former St. Louis Cardinal Coach Don Coryell was a visitor to yesterday's morning practice. "Just passing through, touring the camps and seeing some of my old friends," said Coryell, who will sit out the season.

"I hope to be back somewhere next year, I'm tired of sitting on my fany," he said. "Sure I'm impressed with the Redskins, they did a job on us the last two years in St. Louis. They sure don't look too old to me. I know they weren't too old last year."

Coryell planned to see the Eagles, Colts and both New York teams in the next few days. "Sure I miss it," he said. "But I'll be back."

When the Redskins travel to Minnesota Frieday afternoon they will be required to wear either a suit or sport coat, according to Jack Pardee's dress code for road games contained in the playbook.

Assistant trainer Keoki Kamau spends a good bit of the day squeezing water into the mouths of thirsty players, and yesterday he added a new touch.

In addition to a steady stream of water for the parched throat, Kamau's water bottles also provide a refreshing overhead shower thanks to three pinholes punched in the top.