Pat Fischer said last night he no longer plans to file a grievance against the Washington Redskins over the issue of compensation for the back injury that ended his career a year ago and that "I don't see any problems at all in working this thing out."

Fischer met yesterday in Washington with the team president, Edward Bennett Williams, and the team counsel, Larry Lucchino, who said, "We very much wanted to reach an agreement with Pat and we have. We also agreed not to disclose the terms of the agreement."

But Fischer said last night, "I wouldn't exactly phrase it that way. To my way of thinking we just evaluated the alternatives but I haven't signed anything. It's not just a matter of a cash settlement. I'm still concerned about the injury itself and what kind of protection I'll have in the future.

"But I think it can be worked out and it will be worked out. I don't see any problems. I'm very pleased with the results of the meeting.I've always gotten along well with Ed, and I've decided not the file the grievance. The day was very pleasing to me."

Fischer had been contemplating filing a grievance with the NFL's Player-Club Relations Committee, claiming he was entitled to injury to compensation of $37,500 for 1978 under terms of the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the Player's Association.

The Redskins took the position that Fischer was not entitled to compensation because he had played out his option in 1977 and would not have been under contract to the club in 1978.

"But the compensation isn't the most important thing to me," Fischer said. "What happens to me if something happens to my back two years from now. It would cost at least that much. And who knows, I might even be uninsurable, I don't know. Some of those things were cleared up today, and like I said, I feel a lot better about the whole thing now."

Bob Brunet, the running back whose career was ended by a neck injury last season, also is trying to collect $30,000 in injury compensation from the Redskins.

Lucchisana said he was trying to contact Brunet at his home in Baton Rouge, La., to set up a meeting to discuss the issue.

Ron Saul, the Redskins' starting left guard and a nine-year veteran, agreed to terms yesterday on a new, two-year contract in the $75,000-a-year range.

There now are only four unsigned players - running back Calvin Hill, defensive tackle Dave Butz, wide receiver Danny Buggs and running back Mike Thomas. Thomas has announced he will play out his option.