Georgetown University forward Al Dutch, former all-America at Carroll High School and a member of The Washington Post's all-Area college team, and reserve center Mike Frazier have decided not to return to college this year for personal reasons.

Coach John Thompson said he was in full agreement with their decisions but expected them to return for the '79-80 season.

"It's something you have to deal with in this profession," said Thompson. "After talking with both players extensively, I felt it was best for both to take a year off to think things over. Under the circumstances, I don't think either felt he had any other alternative."

Dutch, 6-foot-7 smooth forward, started his first two seasons at GU, averaging 11.6 and 13.3 points, respectively. His junior year, Dutch was the third forward and averaged only 5.0 points.

"I don't think Al played as well as he could have last year," said Thompson. "He's married and it's tough to handle family responsibility, go to school and play basketball. He needed this time off.

Dutch said he originally wanted to sit out last season but "decided to stick it out after talking with the coach.

"I have to do it now. There are more important things that need my attention right now," said Dutch. "I plan to work and possibly take a class or two. I don't know. I'm not sitting out because of grades and I definitely plan to return."

Frazier, 7-foot junior, has been plagued by foot injuries his first two years and appeared in only 19 games. He underwent surgery on his feet but a slow recovery limited his playing time last season to 27 minutes.

"Mike's leaving didn't surprise me as much," said Thompson. "He's been injured most of the time he's been here and he had a time adjusting to that. He had another operation and tried to play a little this summer but his feet still bothered him so he decided to go home" to Cleveland.

"I realize my play suffered last season because of the things I had on my mind," said Dutch. "I think by taking this time off to straighten up a few problems. I can come back and have a good senior year. And I will be back."

Both Frazier and Dutch were granted leaves of absences from the College of Arts and Sciences.