Elisabeth Ross of McLean offers a solution to National Football League fears that the use of instant replays to assist game officials would take too much time: show commercials.

"There is no scarcity of time for replays in a football game," she points out." There is in fact a glut of time now. That's the time when the game itself is halted for TV commercials. Would not replays, being valid interruptions, make TV inserts more valuable by reducing viewer resentment?"

O.J. Simpson, in contrast to Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears, says he has always wanted to catch more passes, "like those short ones that Frank Tarkenton and Chuck Foreman, and Bert Jones and Lydell Mitchell hook up on. They get the running back behind the defensive line and you don't have to take the beating you would running through the line."

Payton prefers to run the ball.

Besides Bud Wilkinson's St. Louis Cardinals, Bart Starr's Green Bay Packers and Mary Levy's Kansas City Chiefs have gone to the 3-4 defense. In fact, the Chiefs' first two draft choices, defensive ends Art Still of Kentucky and Sylvester Hicks of Tennessee State, have become starters.

Wilkinson had a longer winning streak at Oklahoma, 47 games, than Pete Rose had for hits.

Now it comes out that much of the $14,000 the Redskins deducted from George Allen's deferred income as unauthorized expenses allegedly was for telephone calls the coach's sons made available to fraternity brothers.

Allen, on the other hand, criticizes the Redskins because they charged him for dental work he had done while at training camp in Carlisle, Pa.

Ted Marchibroda is a cutie. Now that his former charge, Sonny Jurgensen, is retired, the Baltimore coach says. "I would rather have Bert Jones. He has a stronger arm, is just as accurate, and is the complete quarterback. He can run the ball and take the pounding at 208 pounds."

The Colts lead the league in telephones. There are two extensions attached to trees on the practice field at Groucher College. Why didn't George Allen think of that, to make all those calls for trades?

Forget about another team replacing the Rams in Los Angeles if and when they move to Anaheim. Carroll Rosenbloom, owner of the Rams, still would have territorial rights over Los Angeles because Anaheim, about 35 miles from the Coliseum, is well within the 75-mile limit.

He says he would not vote against another NFL team in Los Angeles if he left, though he once had to indemnify the Redskins for putting a team in Baltimore, and even was compelled to charge the same ticket prices as the Redskins.

It would take a unanimous vote of NFL club owners to put another team in Los Angeles, if one were available. But no present team wants to shift now and or is legally free of a lease to do so. The $5 million-plus a season from the new TV contracts has resulted in no hardship cases and the league does not want adverse reaction from a city losing a team. Besides, there are five teams on the West Coast now.