The Washington Redskins, who have a waiting list for regular season tickets, have enlisted a dog named Martha and resorted to fireworks in an effort to ignite interest in Friday night's preseason game against the Green Bay Packers at RFK Stadium.

About 15,000 tickets have been sold for the 7:30 o'clock game and only 28,000 fans are expected to show up in the 55,000 seat stadium.

Martha's specialty is catching frisbees and her reception record would rival anyone in the NFL.

The fireworks "will be big stuff," Redskin management promises. The same firm from Newcastle, Pa., that stages the Fourth of July show on the Mall will produce.

The Redskins used to sell out some of their preseason games, but that ended during the player strike in 1974. Customers got out of the exhibition game habit, because many of the top-flight veterans did not play.

The Redskin drew about 31,600 for their frist exhibition at home in 1977, against Kansas City; about 34,000 for the second, against the New York Jets.

The Vikings had a crowd of 46,212, for the game against the Redskins in Minnesota on Saturday night.

The Redskins do not make exhibition games compulsory with season ticket purchases.