Bessie Stockard, who coached Federal City College to national prominence in women's basketball before moving to American University two years ago, has not been rehired as coach at American.

Bob Frailey, the athletic director at American, said Stockard was let go because the school wanted a fulltime coach who would double as physical education instructor. Stockard, according to Frailey, was overqualified for the salary American was offering.

"Her rank is too high," Frailey said. Stockard, who coached part-time at American, is an associate professor at the University of the District of Columbia.

According to Frailey, the faculty selection committee, after interviewing her, did not recommend Stockard be hired. He said the name of the new coach instructor would be released after a contract is signed.

"One would be crazy to take that position with added duties for the money they were offering," Stockard said yesterday. "They are offering half the salary the men's basketball coach receives, and he has no additional duties other than coaching."

According to Frailey, the men's coach is not required to teach classes because men's basketball is the school's only revenue-producing sport.

"That's the way it is at every college in the area," Frailey said.

Other coaches at the university teach courses in physical education.

"We consider coaching a very small part of the new job," said Ray Murphy, assistant to the athletic director. "The main emphasis is on classroom instruction. Although Bessie was over-qualified academically, there were still some prospective courses she could not teach, like kinesiology."

Stockard, who coached Federal City to rankings as high as fourth nationally in her seven years at that school was fired in 1976 following what was reported to have been power struggle between her and Oliver Thompson, the new athletic director.

At American, her teams had a 27-6 record in two years. Last season the Eagles were barred from postseason play by the Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women for giving scholarship aid to an ineligible transfer student.

That was not the first controversy involving Stockard. She and Federal City were censured by the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Sports Association for Women for failing to appear for five games in the 1976 season, hompson had cut out the games because he considered the schedule too long.