George Allen who coached the Los Angeles Rams for the first two preseason games, has been fired and replaced by offensive coordinator Ray Malavasi, the team's owner, Carroll Rosenbloom announced last night.

Allen, hired to replace Chuck Knox as the Rams' coach last February, had lost both preseason games, 14-7 to New England in the opener and 17-0 to San Diego Saturday.

"It is my feeling that I have made a serious error in judgment in believing George Allen could work within our framework," Rosenbloom said in a prepared statement. "It has been extremely difficult for him to adjust to a new situation.

"Unquestionably he is a fine coach and administrator. His record speaks for itself. However, I'm certain it's in the best interest of all concerned to make this change at this time."

The Rams' training camp has been marked by grumbling from several players over Allen's long practices, and several key players have not taken part in some of the workouts.

Allen was fired by the Washington Redskins last January after he and team President Edward Bennett Williams couldn't agree on a new contract.

Although Allen had a 67-30-1 record in Washington, making him the most successful coach in the Redskins' history, the major hitch in his signing a new contract here was Williams' desire to have more say in the team's financial matters and personnel.

When Allen remained adamant in wanting to maintain the status quo, he was fire and Jack Pardee hired as coach.

Allen, 56, had been the Rams' coach earlier, guiding the team for five seasons from 1966 to 1970. He was fired by the club's president, the late Dan Reeves, and went to Washington.