New England wide receiver Darryl Stingley was reported in good condition yesterday after surgery for a broken neck sustained in Saturday night's Patriot-Oakland Raider NFL exhibition football game.

Stingley, 26, was at first said to be paralyzed from the neck down after he collided with Raider safety Jack Tatum while trying to catch a pass in a game won by New England, 21-7.

Following surgery at Eden Hospital here, it was reported by Dr. Maynard Post a neurologist, that Stingley had "regained his right arm motion and has some sensation over his entire body. He will be hospitalized for at least one week . . . No further procedures are planned at this time. No prognosis at this time."

The injury was diagnosed as a fractured dislocation of the cervical spine. Pont said Stingley was awake and in good condition after the operation.

Stingley, flanked to the right on the play on which the injury occured, crossed over the middle to try for a short pass from Steve Grogan.

"We don't even have that play, and maybe that's why," said Tatum. "He couldn't look for me, and he was looking for the ball. I think he was still in the air when I hit him. It was almost head-on. I hit him with my head and shoulders. It's awfully tough, but what could I doz injuries happen."

Stingley, a five-year NFL veteran, accounted for a third of the Patriots' passing yardage last season.