Billy Kilmer has signed a new two-year contract with the Redskins, the club announced yesterday.

The guaranteed contract, calling for Kilmer to receive $500,000 over the next two seasons, was agreed upon two weeks ago when Edward Bennett Williams, team president, came to Carlisle to settle the issue.

Kilmer said Monday he had to clarify a few points in the contract before signing it.

Rookie running back Tony Green, who missed almost two weeks of practice with a pulled hamstring, had some more bad luck yesterday when he collided with linebacker Pete Wysocki going after a pass and suffered what was described as a mild strain of his left knee.

Green was hurt during a seven-on-seven drill. He was trying to make a leaping catch, tangled with Wysocki in the air and came down with his knee twisted awkwardly when his feet hit the ground.

He was helped to the training room and probably will not be available when the Redskins play the Colts Friday night in Baltimore.

Dick Myers, the Redskin assistant general manager, has become a compassionate hatchet on cut-down day.

Under the George Allen regime, players were often roused from their sleep tarly in the morning and shipped out of town before they were fully awake.

Myers usually makes his rounds after lunch. The players are asked to bring their playbooks for a meeting with Coach Jack Pardee, who speaks to each man for a few minutes before they leave.

The other day, wide receiver Maurice Mitchell was napping in his room when he heard a knock on his door. When Myers walked in Mitchell said, "Oh, no, not you" and pulled the sheets over his head. The maneuver didn't help. Myer isn' that compassionate.

Wide receiver Frank Grant said the Redskins have a play similar to the one that left New England wide receiver Darryl Stingley partially paralyzed.

The pattern is a slant in or a quick post. Grant said, "The key on the play is the quarterback. He can't overthrow you. He has to hit you on the break or two steps after it. If the ball isn't to you by then, you might as well not even look for it. You just better look to protect yourself."

Running back Mike Thomas missed another day of practice because of bronchitis . . . He probably will not be able to return to workouts for the next few days, and may not play against Baltimore . . . Coy Bacon was excused from the workout because of a cold . . . Pardee said he has come down with a touch of the virus that has been going through the team though he coached hurt in the afternoon session . . . The Redskins did not have to cut any more players to get down to the 60-man roster limit because of tackle Jeff Williams' retirement Monday . . . Pardee still has not been in touch with Calvin Hill, who retired. "I've called a few times and he's not there," Pardee said. "With the schedule, there's only a few hours a day I can call. We'll get to him." . . . The Redskins practiced in 90-degree heat and offensive tackle Dan Nugent reported a 10-pound weight loss after the two-hour session.