Maryland sophomore John Sturdivant, a probable starter at defensive tackle this season, missed his second straight day of practice yesterday, returning home to Hampton, Va., to discuss with his parents the possibility of quitting the team.

In a separate development, Sturdivant's roommate, seldom-used tight end George (Skip) Brown, quit the team. He also missed both practices yesterday.

Amid the confusion, the Maryland coaching staff was cheered somewhat by the return of Dale Castro, who decided to turn down an offer from the Minnesota Twins baseball organization and continue to play football. Castro is a leading candidate to take the place of graduated punter Mike Sochko.

Sturdivant, a 6 foot-4, 230-pound athlete who the staff feels showed much promise, left Tuesday and told Coach Jerry Claiborne yesterday that he had quit the team.

Later yesterday, it was decided that Sturvivant would return to the campus today to talk to Claiborne.

Just before Sturdivant left, Claiborne had words with Sturdivant over his failure to correctly complete his registration process on time. Sources on the team say that Sturdivant had problems handling some of the "responsibilities" of college football.

Sturdivant, reached by telephone in Hampton, said he was having personal problems, but added, "hopefully, this will be cleared up."

"I love to play the game and I want to play. I feel I can go there (Maryland) and play football and be happy. It hurt me to leave. I didn't have a chance to explain myself to the players. I just have some decisions I have to make about my future."

The coaching staff and the team will have a say in whether or not Sturdivant is taken back, although Claiborne makes the final decision.

Claiborne said he would rather comment on "players who are here. There are plenty of them." He did say that he had talked to Sturdivant's parents, and that they indicated Sturdivant is unhappy. Claiborne did not elaborate.

Brown said that he was leaving because he felt he could make better use of his time elsewhere. He was heading for the bus station and home to Pittsburgh.

"I have better things to do at home. I can go to work," said Brown.

He said his future plans were uncertain, that he might try out at some time as a walk on at Pitt. He said he felt there were too many people at his position and that his confidence was damaged.

"I felt I might be heading for a disappointing season," said Brown.

George Scott, the starting tailback, missed both practices yesterday with a bruised shin, an aggravation of an injury that hampered him last season when he led the Terps in rushing. But Claiborne said he expects Scott to be [TEXT OMITTED FROM SOURCE]