Some 1,000 health buffs appeared on the Georgetown Playground as the sun rose yesterday.

They had come to the Georgetowner newspaper's first physical fitness day, a cross-sport puzzle of sweat, exercise and fun that raised $2,000 to fight muscular dystrophy.

Twenty swimmers kicked off the day's events at 6:30, bobbing in chesthigh water. It is what pool manager Ed Kelley calls "aqua dynamics," an exercise that consists of submerging one's head in the water on each bob.

Three hours later, Michael D. Nugent, 32, emerged as the bobbing champion. With 7,380 bobs he seeks entry in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Resting at poolside, Nugent, a union representative, said, "I feel humbled."

Once a competitive swimmer in college, Nugent began bobbing a year ago. "My wife Joyce used to be afraid of water but through bobbing she overcame her fear." Joyce says she now swims every day.

Jim Buell, who recently moved to Laurel won the 10-kilometer race. He said he tried other sports and he is good only in running. His time was 29:10.

Wearing purple shorts, Marie Baumann of Arlington was the first woman finisher, representing the RunHers. She was clocked in 39&53.

Then there was No. 172, Christian Coleman, 7, who finished in 52:30. He said he runs three miles every day.

"I am going to be in the Olympics when I am 17 and the Boston Marathon at 18", Coleman boasted.

Some runners were not satisfied with one run.Paul Kirksey, a junior at the University of Massachusetts placed second in the 10 kilometers and won the three mile. The physical education major, who attended H. D. Woodson High School, said, "I used to sprint but not I run only long distances. The distance runner has to motivate himself because he runs all alone,"

Kirksey belongs to "Health is Wealth," a community organization, which runs every Sunday at Fort Dupont Park.

JJ Daisk and his team the "Sexpack," were victorious in four easy games to win the volleyball title. The howling gang yelled, "We just drink beer and play volleyball."

Others competed in tennis, soccer and basketball. Clinics were held in weight-lifting, judo and fencing.

One competitor described the day as "the ultimate in physical fitness ever held in Georgetown."