Among the records George Allen might have helped the Los Angeles Rams set was "same player traded twice" - wide receiver Harold Jackson.

In his first hitch as coach of the Rams, Allen traded Jackson to Philadelphia, for which he later was criticized. While he was coaching the Rams a second time, Allen talked with the front office about trading Jackson.It was not out of dislike, but because they had three wide receivers 30 or over - Jackson, 32, Ron Jessie, 30, and Willie Miller, 31.

Allen recommended the deal with the Redskins for Eddie Brown. The Ram's front office says Allen also talked about trading linebacker Isiah Robertson, 29, as well as other players. Robertson asked to be traded because he disliked Allen's long practices.

A front office spokesman said Allen was "concerned" about Robertson's attitude.

Allen did set a record by being fired four times by the same club, the Rams.

He was dropped by head coach Sid Gillman in 1957, when he was an offensive end coach; twice by former owner Dan Reeves as head coach, and by Carroll Rosenbloom. Allen also was the first head coach fired by two different NFL clubs within seven months, the Redskins and Rams.

That resulted in the Rams having three head coaches in their last four games. Chuck Knox coached the last game of 1977; Allen the first two exhibitions of 1978, and Ray Malavasi Thursday night's third exhibition.