The Washington Capitals, entering their fifth season with hopes of a new look in the standings, will present a new crew in the announcing booth for the Hockey team's telecasts over WDCA-TV-20.

Jim West, longtime TV voice of the Chicago Black Hawks,until that club lost its video outlet, will do the Capitals' play-by-play on the telecasts. Jack Doniger, WRC Radio newscaster, will do tne color.

The pair replaces Lyle Stieg, who was not rehired, and Roger Crozier, who has enough other duties with the Capitals to keep two men occupied.

West, a Baltimore native who attended Towson State, broadcast the Clipper games in the late '60s, then handled Black Hawk telecasts Cub games.

Doniger has been a hockey nut since 1936, when he was first exposed to the New York Rangers. He was the color man for the Capitals' radio broadcasts for 11/2 seasons, until that post was eliminated.

WDCA-TV will show a minimum of 15 capitals games this season.

Ron Weber, the only man who has seen all of the capitals' 320 games, wukk do the club's radio broadcasts for the fifth straight yearover WTOP-1500.

West and Doniger were selected by the c apitals, Weber by WTOP.