Goalie Jim Bedard, defenseman Bryan Watson and right wing Tom Rowe have signed new contracts with the Washington Capitals, the club announced yesterday.

Bedard was tied up on a long-term basis while Watson and Rowe, each entering his option year, signed one-year contracts that included the 1979-80 season on an option basis.

Center Guy Charron, the 38-goal scorer is about to begin his option year, has not agreed to a new pact, but General Manager Max McNab said, "we expect things to be finalized next week."

Bedard had a 3.66 goals-against average, playing 43 of the team's last 58 games in 1977-78. That was a new low statistically for a Washington goaltender.

"He's right on schedule," McNab said of the 21-year-old Bedard. "He was an all-star junior goalie, all-star in the International League and he looked like the best in the American League until we brought him up.

"The experience was good for him. He's a confident type of player and we're not leery of any sophomore back sliding. He's a good skater, which will be a big plus this year with the new rule about freezing the puck."

Watson, 35, played 79 games last season and has recovered successfully from an off-season arm wrestling duel with a chain saw. Rowe, although totaling only 13 goals, had six in the last seven games.