The 1978 Columbia Soccer Tournament was a repeat performance of last year. The Howard University Bison again defeated the Baltimore Kickers, 1-0, only this time a Baltimore player headed in the winning goal for Howard.

With six minutes remaining in the final round of the nonstop, roundrobin tournament, sweeper Ricky Rukowicz accidently used his head to butt the ball into Baltimore's net, providing the only score in the game.

Afterward Rukowicz said, "I was running towards the goal and I knew their midfielder was behind me. I had to hit the ball, and I just happened to hit it into the goal."

Howard Coach Lincoln Phillips said, "Winning the tournament was no big thing.

"It was the first game of the season, and we used it to sharpen our skills. In the second half, our defense closed them with pressure, which is something we had talked about."

It was the fourth 1-0 triumph in four games for Howard today, starting with a victory over the same Kickers. Then the Bison nipped American U. and Maryland to gain the final.

Baltimore gained the final with a 2-0 victory over American.

Last year the Kickers took the Bison to the brink in the final game before losing. Yesterday, on a goal by center forward Tony Amayo, Howard slipped by.

After the first game, Howard coach Lincoln Phillips changed his team's strategy.

Against Baltimore, Howard had played extremely deep not applying much pressure on the Kickers. Phillips told his team minutes before playing AU, "Put pressure on them. I want to see two goals as soon as the game starts."

The Bison halfway followed Phillips' orders, scoring one quick goal.

Howard beat Maryland on penalty kicks to advance into the final.

Both teams moved the ball fast and well and played superb offense and defense. The game went into two overtime periods before Howard won it by making four of their five penalty kicks in a shootout.

Maryland only made two of four and did not take its last kick.

Rockville Crushed Stone, a dark horse team, pulled a few purprises before being upended, 3-1, by the Kickers in the semifinals.

Playing without their normal starters, who were attending a conference for coaches and referees, Rockville beat the University of Maryland, 1-0, on a shot by right wing Tony Ladouceur. They then whipped the Columbia team, 2-0, to advance into the semifinals.

In other games. American tied Baltimore, 0-0, in the first game of the first round.

Maryland advanced to the semifinals bouncing over the Kickers, 4-1.