Don't sing "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E" around Carroll Rosenbloom of the Los Angeles Rams. He has mentioned to NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle that Edward Bennet Williams of the Redskins told a joke at the Redskins' welcome-home luncheon with a punch line referring to the Rams as "a Mickey Mouse outfit."

George Allen was fined $3,000 for public remarks about Williams. Rozelle said Rosenbloom has not "filed a complaint," but didn't like the putdown. The commissioner is going to talk to Rosenbloom again and maybe to Williams.

The week did not begin well for Rosenbloom. The Los Angeles Times reported receiving 76 letters critical of Rosenbloom's firing Allen, and four supporting the action. Excerpts of 26 letters were printed.

One letter said: "Carroll Rosenbloom has succeeded in doing something I did not believe was possible --make me feel sorry for George Allen."

At a party for Allen given by nine Rams who played for him in his first hitch as head coach in Los Angeles, Kermit Alexander was quoted as saying, "the players don't even have fun anymore. They should win with all that money they have. We worked tremendously hard, but we also had a lot of laughs."

At age 31 and coming off knee surgery, O. J. Simpson was quoted by Curt Gowdy as saying, "I'll need some help this season from Father and Mother -- Father Time and Mother Nature." Simpson's chances of topping his own rushing record of 2,003 yards, even with the new 16-game schedule, may be poor. Pete McCulley, new San Francisco coach, said, "We'd like to get the ball in O. J.'s hands about 25 times a game. We're thinking about 15 runs and 10 passes."

As Johnny Unitas saw Billy Kilmer wobble a short pass, he said, "That's his option pass -- you can catch it by either end." Five years after his retirement, Unitas is limping, from surgery he underwent in March. A piece of bone was removed from below the knee.

Radio station WFLA in Tampa conducted a contest to name the Buccaneers' defensive unit. First prize was two days in Buffalo in midwinter. Second prize was two extra days. The winning name among 400 entries was "Bucteeth," submitted by 14 people. Other finalists were "Tangerine Machine" and Ballroom Platoon."

Commissioner Rozelle told Buccaneers' owner Hugh Culverhouse: "You are making a mockery of the NFL with your five straight victories (two from last season." Break up the Bucs!

Break up the NFL! Forty-three of those "meaningless" exhibition games had an average attendance of 46,224, at regular-season prices. Super Bowl commercials will cost $370,000 a minute, up from $350,000 for the last one.

The NFL has solved one sticky problem, with Don Reese signing at New Orleans and Randy Crowder at Tampa Bay after serving a year in jail for selling cocaine.

To you fans who have wondered whether George Allen might have traded for Lydell Mitchell were he still boss of the Redskins, the answer is, probably yes. would he have traded a fourth draft choice for 1979 and a fifth for 1980 for wide receiver Harold Jackson of the Rams? Maybe not. Jackson is earning $150,000 with New England, at age 32.

How soon they disremember: San Diego owner Gene Klein said when he first signed Joe Washington, "He is our bicentennial year gift to our fans." Ara Parseghian said of Washington when he was at Oklahoma, "He has the moves of a Cobra."