The Washington Redskins have to be excited about the play of defensive end Coy Bacon, who performed exceptionally well against New England's Leon Gray Sunday.

After upsetting the Pats, the Redskins open their home season Sunday against Philadelphia and I favor Washington by six points.

Despite his two touchdown passes against Washington Sunday, New England quarterback Steve Grogan is not playing well. Everybody's wondering when Coach Chuck Fairbanks will give Tom Oven a chance.

Coach Walt Michaels and the New York Jets, led by Richard Todd & Co., make the three-cornered AFC East even more of a quessing game. The Jets got a brake playing Miami without Bob Griese but it was their offense that got the points.

The St. Louis Cardinals will get better as the season grows older, especially if they find a tight end.

The Chicago Bears will huff and puff, block kicks and punts, and Walter Payton, with 15 games to go, will do 1,000 yards easy.

The Cincinnati Bengals made a big deal about converting to a 3-4 defense but Kansas City, utilizing a wing-T offense installed by Coach Marv Levy to take advantage of a 3-4, produced 250 yard rushing by four different backs.

Paul Brown has to be wondering about his coaching staff.

Wonder what would have happened in Los Angeles if they had missed that last-second field goal. The Ram offense looks much the same to me - dull. If the Atlanta Falcons had a quarterback, they could make it hot, for the Rams.

The most interesting matchup in college football this weekend is UCLA-Washington, which is a tossup. The winner could be the Pac-10 representative in the Rose Bowl.

Oklahoma is a 13-point favorite over Stanford. But the Sooners have have to be worried knowing the Cardinals never field a team that isn't well-coached and well-prepared.

Other college games:

Florida State 1 over Syracuse, Georgia Tech 1 over Duke, Maryland 12 over Tulane, Notre Dame 17 over Missouri, Penn State 24 over Rutgers, Virginia Tech 17 over Tulsa, William & Mary 7 over VMI, Illinois 11 over Northwestern, Texas A&-M 13 over Kansas.

Nebraska 7 over California, Colorado 20 over Oregon, Southern Cal 17 over Texas Tech, North Texas State 3 over Mississippi State, Mississippi 10 over Memphis State, Iowa State 20 over Rice, SMU 12 over TCU, Brigham Young 6 over Oregon State, Arizona 8 over Kansas State.

Other NFL games this weekend:

Saturday - Detroit 2 over Tampa Bay.

Sunday - Cleveland 4 over Cincinnati, Dallas 10 over N.Y. Giants, Pittsbirgh 14 over Seattle, Green Bay 2 over New Orleans, Houston 6 over Kansas City, New England 6 over St. Louis, Baltimore 5 over Miami, N.Y. Jets 3 over Buffalo, Los Angeles 9 over Atlanta, Oakland 6 over San Diego, Chicago 2 over San Francisco.

Monday - Denver-Minnesota even. the dressing room to pack her right knee in ice. She had banged the kn